Kyusho International in the Netherlands

Kyusho International in the Netherlands 

Kyusho Jitsu is making use of the acupuncture theory which claims that if one influences the energy flow true the meridians, one influences the general or specific condition of the body temporary or permanent.

By using the theory of the five elements or the 24 hours cycle, one can determine the order or rank in which one has to activate the points in order to generate a maximum effect. Very typical in Kyusho is the specific Kyusho knock out. With an apparently light tap, one seems to be able to cause a knock out to the opponent.

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The concept of pressure points spread through the Tamil martial art called Varma kalai, which is a martial art that concentrates on the body’s pressure points.[3][4]The concept of pressure points is also present in the old school Japanese martial arts; in a 1942 article in the Shin Budo magazine, Takuma Hisa asserted the existence of a tradition attributing the first development of pressure-point attacks to Shinra Saburō Minamoto no Yoshimitsu (1045–1127).[5]

Hancock and Higashi (1905) published a book which pointed out a number of vital points in Japanese martial arts.[6]

Accounts of pressure-point fighting appeared in Chinese Wuxia fiction novels and became known by the name of Dim Mak, or “Death Touch”, in western popular culture in the 1960s.

Kyusho Jitsu (or Pressure Point Fighting) is a martial arts focused on targeting pressure points. Pressure pointsare areas of the body where people can apply pressure or strike in order to cause pain. According to Kyusho-Jitsu UK, Kyusho-Jitsu is “a way of attacking the nervous-system to control an attacker or subdue an attacker to maintain your advantage and stay in control”.

Kyusho Jitsu teaches a variety of self-defense techniques such as using a pressure point in order force an attacker to release their grip on your arm. According to Kyusho, students of Kyusho Jitsu learn many of the following techniques:

  • Healing techniques
  • Mobile arm point manipulation
  • Striking and grabbing motions that use pressure point targets
  • Take-downs utilizing pressure point targets
  • Grappling and escapes using pressure point targets
  • Pressure point defenses against weapon assaults
  • Pressure point KOs


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