Teaser Fashion Extreme Paris


Teaser Fashion Extreme Paris

This annual event is a first of its kind International Fashion show that features a team of world-class International Fashion Designers, Professional Models, Hairstylists & MakeUp Artists, Photographers and Videographers showcasing their talents, creativity & designs thereby making true our goal of promoting seasoned and fresh international artists who have all offered their valuable time to come together in support of our charitable cause – that is to help rebuild lives from the impoverished & calamity struck areas in the Philippines.

Fashion Extreme Paris is more than just a show. It is a culture, It is a family of extra-ordinary kind hearted & generous people. It’s a Fashion event with a Big heart. The vision is not only to help the charity but a worldwide promotion for all participating artists as well. We have international press & media partners to make featured articles + show reviews, as well as vip & high profile guests to connect with. FEP provides a platform & create a network to help them hone their respective crafts. Moreover, building long standing relationships & business with everyone as we have stayed connected through the years. Indeed FEP has opened doors of opportunity for those who have participated on our annual event.

We were there with team Praveen Film studio to film the complete show and also backstage. It was great to work with the fashion designer Kevin leslie. Check also his website www.kl-collections.com

For the best menswear and custom made suites check for the brand Kevin Leslie, fashion designer in the Netherlands.
Check also his facebook page facebook.com.

Backstage we had a lot of fun with all the models and crew of the Fashion extreme Paris.

Soon we will work with some of these models. We have make great contacts and met nice people in Paris!

Teaser Fashion Extreme Paris

Teaser Fashion Extreme Paris

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